Benefits Of Charcoal Face Mask For Men


Let’s accept it, men face similar challenges for skin as women, but their concerns are often overlooked. But with mounting awareness, companies are now rolling out products that especially tackle skin concerns for men. Let’s go through one such product – the charcoal face mask and understand the benefits of a charcoal mask for men.

What Is A Charcoal Face Mask?

A charcoal face mask is a skincare product that packs the goodness of activated charcoal. After being treated at very high temperatures to change its internal structure, the charcoal exhibits an increased ability to absorb oil, dirt, and other skin impurities. What results is refreshed skin with a clearer complexion. 

Benefits of Charcoal Face Mask For Men

Charcoal face masks are one of the trending products in men’s skincare range. Here are some of the benefits that charcoal face mask usage promises:

Acne Control

Like women, men too face acne. It is a common concern for men of all ages. But activated charcoal helps remove the buildup of sebum and dead skin cells, impurities that clog skin pores and trigger an acne breakout. Regular charcoal face mask for oily skin is particularly helpful in acne control.

The best method to use a charcoal face mask for acne is to mix half tsp of activated charcoal powder with 1 tsp of aloe vera gel and 1 drop of tea tree oil. Mix the contents well and apply. Rinse off with water when dry. 

Reduces Oiliness

Due to higher testosterone levels in the body, men tend to have oily skin. Regular charcoal face mask usage helps absorb excessive sebum levels, helping neutralize the skin type. This helps tackle all the downsides of oily skin.

When using a charcoal face mask for oil control, mix half tsp of activated charcoal powder with 2 tsp of rose water. Gently massage onto the skin and remove with cold water.

Skin Detoxification 

The coarse and porous nature of activated charcoal gently exfoliates the skin, removing the layer of dead skin cells. It absorbs excessive oil and draws up impurities, detoxifying the skin. 

When using a charcoal face mask as a potent detoxifier, mix 2 tbsp of water, 1 tbsp of bentonite clay, and 1 tbsp. of activated charcoal powder in a mixing bowl. Add half a tsp of honey and a drop of essential oil for fragrance. Apply the mask on the face and wash off when dry.

Minimizes Pores

Enlarged pores make the skin appear rough and uneven. They also increase the risk of acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. A charcoal face mask has a deep cleansing action that helps minimize the appearance of pores over time.

To use a charcoal face mask for blackhead removal, mix 1 tbsp of multani mitti with 1 tsp of activated charcoal in a bowl. Add water to make a paste. Take face steam for about 2-3 minutes before applying the face mask. Wash off the mask once dry. 

Soothes Irritated Skin

Charcoal face mask usage is exceptionally helpful for men with sensitive skin. It helps soothe conditions like razor itching and sunburns. Its calming properties help reduce redness and skin discomfort.

To use a charcoal face mask for its skin-calming effects, mix 1 tbsp of activated charcoal, 1 tsp of aloe vera gel, and a few drops of chamomile essential oil. Apply the charcoal face mask to irritated skin. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.


The benefits of a charcoal face mask for men are manifold. Once added to a regular skin care routine it can significantly enhance skin quality. Packing activated charcoal as its key ingredient, its porous and coarse nature works effectively in removing excessive sebum. It detoxifies the skin by absorbing skin impurities. It is suitable for all skin types and is an easy-to-use, affordable formula to settle a range of skin concerns in men. 

Health Tip

Always use a glass or a plastic bowl to mix activated charcoal powder with other ingredients. This is important to avoid an unwanted chemical reaction or metal contamination.