5 energy giving foods that are underrated

Kanak Kundlani

The current generation is known for overachieving and being under constant stress. Continued exposure to stress creates a constant state of tiredness that soon starts to take shape into chronic fatigue. Sooner than we know, this fatigue gives rise to a myriad of health issues. To curb the state of being out of energy, here’s a list of 5 energy giving foods that our in-house experts swear by –

Lean proteins are one of the best energy giving foods

When we talk about lean proteins, we don’t mean fried chicken with cheese that is available at quick serving restaurants. Lentils, egg whites, soy, tofu, and non-fried fish & chicken are good foods that give us energy. These foods are high in protein and low in fats, ideal for facilitating weight loss and building muscle mass. Less fat and more muscle mass in turn, means less fatigue and more energy. 

Did you know?

White-fleshed fish are an excellent source of stomach-filling protein and “good fat”, making them great foods that give us energy. Cods and halibut are excellent sources of protein, whereas salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids. 


Don’t limit yourself to eating oats just for breakfast. Oats are some of the most underrated energy boosting foods which are full of fiber as well. For people who experience blood sugar level spikes, oats are a great, natural way to reduce it. Make sure to choose plain and non-flavoured oats to get the best out of them. 

oats are energy giving foods

Chia seeds

Let’s be honest, we all have seen lifestyle bloggers on Instagram swearing by chia seeds as a promising source of fiber and good fats. In fact, they are also beneficial in aiding gut health. Just 2 tablespoons of chia seeds provide 24 grams of carbohydrates and 4.8 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. 

To add to that, chia seeds are a great addition to your meals if you hit the gym regularly. According to NCBI, they offer just as much energy as some carbohydrate sports drinks.

Nuts and seeds

One of the best energy foods are undoubtedly nuts and seeds. Not only do they provide necessary nutrients, but also a surge of energy that we can all use throughout the day. And the best part? They also serve as a great source of snacking. Ditch the potato chips/chocolates or heavily fried snacks, and replace them with healthier options. Trust us, your body will thank you for it. 

nuts and seeds are energy giving foods


If you’re a fitness fiend, regular at the gym or working out in general, bananas are a great source of energy for you. A study has also shown that bananas are equivalent to consuming energy drinks. As we all know, they are packed with potassium, minerals, vitamins and most importantly, fiber. These ingredients are pivotal in providing a boost of energy when you need it the most, making bananas the best instant energy giving foods.  


Talking about energy giving foods that are essential to beat fatigue, let us remind you that a good diet and exercise are not the only ways to stay active/energetic all day. Consuming nutritional supplements along with diet and exercise together will definitely do wonders for your body. Speaking of effective supplements, TrueBasics Advanced Multivitamin comes packed with 23 essential nutrients that are needed by the body for daily smooth functioning. It helps increase energy levels, immunity and cognition along with helping reduce stress. Essentially it is an energy blend, antioxidant blend, and a stress buster blend all in one tablet. Combining this with a healthy diet and regular exercise is a sure-shot way to a more energetic and active lifestyle. 

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Kanak Kundlani