Body Wash and Shower Gel: Which One is a Good Idea?


When it comes to our daily hygiene, taking a shower is crucial. A shower is important for promoting skin health but equally important is choosing the right body cleanser for your shower time. While bathing with a body wash and shower gel may appear to reap the same results, the difference in their formulations may have varying effects on skin moisture and overall skin health. Let’s now get to the body wash vs shower gel debate. 

Understanding Body Wash and Shower Gel 

Fundamentally both body wash & shower gel are body cleansers. They lather up to help the skin get rid of dirt, grime, and unwanted oil from the skin’s surface. The key differences include:

Shower Gel

The shower gel is a liquid body cleanser formulated with water along with synthetic detergents derived from petroleum or plant sources. It has a silky feel, gel like consistency with great lathering abilities. 

Body Wash

Like shower gel, body wash is a liquid cleanser but it is thinner and runnier as compared to a shower gel. Also, it is specifically formulated to have a pH between 6 and 7 which makes it mild and gentle for the skin. 

Advantages of Shower Gel

The shower gel is an alternative to traditional soap bars and helps eliminate the demerits associated with it.  

  • Hygienic: Shower gels are liquid soaps packed in tubes and bottle dispensers. This makes them safe and hygienic for each use.
  • Lathering and Aromatic: The shower gels typically produce a rich and creamy lather. Also, they are generally quite aromatic. 
  • Suitable for All Skin Types: Shower gel for dry skin is the best as it is a water-based cleanser. They are typically helpful for people with dry skin as they deeply moisturize and nourish the skin cells to restore hydration.
  • Specific Skin Concerns: Choosing a shower gel for skin lightening or a shower gel for oily skin such as with exfoliating properties can help address specific skin concerns. 

Advantages of Body Wash 

A body wash rates higher in terms of skin hydration and moisturization. It benefits over the benefits of shower gel are:

  • Formulation – Unlike the gel-like consistency of shower gel, the watery formulation of the body wash cleanses and washes away quickly. This does not strip the skin of its natural oils. 
  • Deep Moisturization – The ingredients help maintain the pH balance of the skin. This keeps the skin deeply nourished throughout. 


Although the body wash vs shower gel debate appears meaningless, the choice between them should be a thoughtful one. Key factors to watch out for include skin type, skin concerns, age, and lifestyle habits. Make sure you choose a mild, gentle formula to prioritize your skin health.