9 Surprising Hazelnut Benefits for Skin We Bet You Didn’t Know


Hazelnuts are an exotic fruit. The brown-colored nut is a culinary delight. Common hazelnut uses include dairy and confectionery preparations. While they confer that unmatched taste, topical application of hazelnut oil or powder promises remarkable skin benefits. Read through to learn about the hazelnut benefits for skin.

Hazelnut Benefits for Skin

Hazelnuts pack a high nutritional value. The nuts are exceptionally rich in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, and phytochemicals. They also pack a humble dose of essential micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium, along with a range of polyphenols and B-complex vitamins. This high nutrient content boosts skin health in several ways:

1. Antioxidant Rich

Hazelnuts are a rich source of Vitamin E and other phytochemicals. These are potent antioxidants that help protect the skin by combating oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Regular use helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize the signs of aging.

2. Skin Moisturizer

Thanks to the healthy fats, one of the most significant hazelnut benefits for skin is its excellent moisturizing properties. Hazelnut oil has a light texture and is easily absorbed by the skin. This makes it a convenient-to-use skin moisturizer. 

3. Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

Compounds in hazelnuts like Vitamin E, Omega fatty acids and polyphenols possess high anti-inflammatory properties. The topical application of the oil helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin caused due to redness, acne, or rosacea.

3. Astringent Effect

Hazelnut oil contains tannins. These are powerful antioxidants that help absorb skin oils. Its regular use cleanses the skin and causes the skin pores to shrink. 

4. Collagen Boost

Collagen is important for skin structure and elasticity. Vitamin E present in Hazelnut oil fights enzymes that destroy skin collagen. This gives a natural boost to the body’s skin collagen levels.

5. Scar Healing

The vitamin E content in hazelnuts aids in scar healing. The increased collagen levels are a result of improved skin cell regeneration. This reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes. 

6. UV Protection

Exposure to harmful sun rays creates free radicals in the body which damage skin cells and expedite the skin aging process. Antioxidants in hazelnuts protect the skin from UV damage. 

7. May Help Slow Down Skin Aging

Hazelnut oil can slow down and delay the process of skin aging. Increased collagen levels, well-hydrated skin, and improved moisture levels reduce pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles; all signs of skin aging. 

8. May Help Control Acne

Zinc in hazelnuts benefits the skin. Zinc is a mineral known for its role in regulating sebum production in the skin. The reduced sebum production helps prevent acne breakouts, especially in people with acne-prone and oily skin. 

9. Hydration

Hazelnuts pack high amounts of healthy fats. The omega fats along with Vitamin E help lock water molecules inside skin cells. This keeps the skin supple, soft, and fully hydrated. 

How to Use Hazelnut Oil for Skin?

Topical application of hazelnut products is generally safe for all. It is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin as it possesses non-alcohol-based astringent properties that do not harm sensitive skin types. But people with nut allergies should avoid using hazelnut oil for skin. The most effective ways of enjoying hazelnut benefits for skin are:

  • Hazelnut Oil – Massage a few drops of hazelnut oil over damp skin. Use circular motions and massage well. Let it stay for half an hour before you wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  • Hazelnut Scrubs – Grinding hazelnuts and mixing them with other natural ingredients like honey or yogurt can make up great exfoliating scrubs. Gently massage the scrub onto the skin for a revitalizing experience.
  • Hazelnut Face Masks – Grounded hazelnuts or hazelnut oil can be combined with yogurt or avocado to create a nourishing face mask. 


Hazelnuts are not only a delightful addition to culinary preparations but also offer great skincare benefits. Hazelnut benefits for skin are linked to its high Vitamin E content. As a potent antioxidant, it helps fight oxidative stress that contributes to skin aging and related concerns. It is a natural moisturizer and an effective acne-control potion. Always perform a patch test before using it as a gentle moisturizer or as an active treatment for your skin concerns.