A Burst of Energy In The Morning Without Caffeine Is Now Possible

Nikita Arya

In today’s age when you constantly feel pressured to be on your toes, it feels impossible to keep yourself charged up without a coffee. However, coffee is not something you need when you’re so badly stuck in the cycle of stress. 

You’ve got a lot of things to kick off at work on a Monday Morning but all you can think of is a few more hours of sleep because of the disturbed sleep at night. So you brew yourself a cup of coffee, that instantly boosts your energy levels for hours. Sounds like your daily routine? You’re not alone. Most people simply cannot function in the morning without caffeine.

Sipping a steaming cup of tea or coffee sure works like a magical elixir. However, dependence on caffeine does not seem worth it, no matter how much you love the kick your morning coffee gives you. But the good news is – a burst of energy in the morning without caffeine is now possible.

But Why Should My Morning Be Caffeine-Free?

  1. Caffeine Creates Dependence On Coffee for Alertness

Studies have found that the content of caffeine in coffee has several effects on the brain, both immediate and long-term. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system by interacting with adenosine receptors, neurotransmitters that make you sleepy. That’s why when you consume coffee, it gives you a feeling of alertness. Over time, you tend to develop a tolerance to caffeine, meaning you will need to consume more coffee than before to get the same effect.

  • Caffeine Increases Stress Hormone Levels

Another reason why you should consume less coffee (and caffeine) is that it increases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Normal secretion of cortisol is helpful for the body to fight off stress. However, in today’s fast-paced culture, when you are under constant pressure, many of us are in the high-stress mode most times of the day. What coffee does is not just keep you alert and energetic but also increase the cortisol levels, which are already higher than normal. High cortisol levels may lead to several health problems such as increased blood sugar, weight gain, sleep problems, immune response, hormonal imbalance, and fertility issues.

  • Caffeine Might Wreck Your Body Clock 

Studies also show that consuming caffeine when cortisol is high can cause more production of cortisol. Drinking caffeine first thing in the morning, when cortisol levels are higher, may alter the cycle of production of the hormone, which can cause you to produce more cortisol at times when it would normally drop, i.e., at night. This may alter the sleep-wake cycle and your body clock. And when you disrupt your natural body clock, you may increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and cancer.  

EnXtra® – A Caffeine-Free Alternative to Boost Your Mornings

Clinically researched ingredient EnXtra® is a caffeine-free alternative clinically shown to support alertness and help focus. It is developed from the extract of a spice known as Alpinia Galanga, which belongs to the Turmeric/Ginger family.

EnXtra® targets the cognitive process known as Attention Network Function, which plays a crucial role in mental alertness and the ability to focus on a task. With the consumption of EnXtra®, you can achieve up to 5 hours of cognitive alertness, which means a burst of energy without consuming caffeine. It also supports mental energy without the crash phenomenon.

Enriched with EnXtra®, TrueBasics am:pm is the next-gen multivitamin designed for your body clock. It has the bifurcation of vitamins, minerals, clinically researched ingredients, and herbal extracts separated into two different tablets – am for morning and pm for the night – to meet your nutrient requirements with their right time of consumption. Along with EnXtra®, the am tablet contains a blend of energy-boosting vitamins such as Vitamin B complex and Ginseng that helps improve your productivity and focus in the morning. Whereas, the pm tablet contains magnesium, Melatonin (sleep hormone), and clinically researched KSM-66® Ashwagandha that helps recalibrate, calm down and repair, lower your cortisol levels, improve your sleep quality, and improve your sleep-wake cycle overall.

With TrueBasics am:pm multivitamin, you not only become able to face the day with vigour but also sleep restfully to wake up the next morning with the same zeal towards the new day.

Nikita Arya