All about collagen benefits, types and usage

Kanak Kundlani

Factually, your skin is the largest organ of your body. Apart from the minerals, fats, water and proteins that the skin is made up of, it also includes collagen. The primary building block of your skin, collagen makes up for 30% of its total protein. Collagen benefits largely cover skin, hair and nails. It is also found in bones, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and intestinal lining. When we talk about protein, it is primarily made up of amino acids. And proline, glycine and hydroxyproline are the main amino acids that make up collagen. To build these amino acids, your body needs an ample amount of vitamin C, zinc and manganese. 

Collagen benefits

When we talk about collagen benefits for the skin, formation of dermis (middle skin layer) is the most important one. Apart from this, giving structure and elasticity to skin & facilitating blood clots are some of the most promising benefits of collagen too. Other benefits include – 

  • Helping fibroblasts to form in your skin, that facilitate new cell growth.
  • Helps replace dead skin cells with newer ones.
  • Acts as a protective covering for your organs.

Benefits of collagen for men and women primarily revolve around skin, nail and hair health. More collagen means a younger looking skin in general. The glow and youthfulness of a soft and supple skin is what you can achieve with collagen.  

collagen benefits for men

Types of collagen

To speak broadly, there are 28 different types of collagen. However, the main collagen fibrils are still covered by 5 main collagen types. 

  • Type I. Up to  90% of your body’s collagen is made up of type 1. It essentially provides structure to your skin, bones, tendons and ligaments.
  • Type II. Found in elastic cartilage, type 2 collagen helps with joint support by providing elasticity for better movement.
  • Type III. Muscles, arteries and outer linings of other organs are the places you can find type 3 collagen.
  • Type IV. Different layers of the skin such as epidermis, dermis and hypodermis are made up of type 4 collagen.
  • Type V. Primarily found in the cornea of your eyes, hair and placenta tissue.

Collagen also benefits the hair by building hair protein, which can result in thicker, longer and more voluminous hair. 

collagen skin benefits

Habits that damage collagen production

When it comes to collagen reduction, apart from age, certain habits also plummet the production of it in our body. Smoking, eating a lot of sugar, refined carbs, and exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays are some of the ways your body’s natural collagen production reduces. 


Keeping all the benefits of collagen in mind, it is obvious that maintaining adequate quantities of it in the body can do wonders for your skin, nails and hair. But natural collagen is bound to run out as you grow older. To keep your skin glowing and youthful, you need a trusted external source of collagen, which is proven for results. TrueBasics Collagen Skin comes with the power of 2 types of collagen (Type I and Type II) which together work towards giving you a youthful skin that is soft and supple. It also helps with skin firmness and elasticity, helps regulate melanin for brighter-looking skin. And lastly, it also helps replenish lost hydration, all thanks to hyaluronic acid. 

TrueBasics Collagen Skin
Kanak Kundlani