Reasons why keratin is good for hair and overall body

Kanak Kundlani

With rain pouring outside and the weather being extremely humid, it’s hard to not have frizzy hair. If you actually think about it, the reason why your hair is unmanageable is due to a factor you can’t control. But what you can control is how you treat your hair. Keratin is the protective protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails. And not just that but keratin is also a vital part of your organs and glands. It’s evident that keratin is good for hair. But that’s not the only benefit for sure. Let’s explore other benefits of keratin, together. 

keratin is good for hair

1. Keratin is good for hair

This is probably the most prominent benefit of keratin. Using/consuming keratin for your hair makes them smoother and easy to manage. Although, the effects of keratin depend on the quality of your hair to begin with in the first place. How keratin works is that it helps by smoothing out the cells that form your hair follicles. Particularly called the hair cuticle, these overlapping cells absorb the keratin resulting in shine and smooth texture. 

Different methods of using keratin

From salon treatments to supplements and hair care products, keratin for hair growth  is used in many different ways. To effectively treat hair damage, the most viable way to intake keratin is through supplements. Speaking of effective supplements, TrueBasics Advanced Keratin Support with Biotin comes as a promising scientific blend. It comprises of clinically researched Millet Seed Extract, biotin and vitamin E. These ingredients together work  to help reduce hairfall and increase hair cell growth. 

TrueBasics Advanced Keratin

Apart from supplementation, salon treatments include keratin hair straightening. It is good for people who have extremely unmanageable, thick and coarse hair. The last one is definitely hair products that have the protein in them. Shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks, and scalp scrubs use keratin to increase the smoothness and improve the texture. This is especially good for people who frequently style their hair using different heating methods (straightening, curling, blowdrying and others). It helps retain the natural texture of the hair and also increases the tenacity of hair. This makes them stronger and also protects them against various styling agents. 

2. Helps with nail and skin health

Since keratin is the very protein that makes up nails, it is evidently needed to keep them healthy. To avoid frequent breakage and brittle nails, keratin is very important. Now when it comes to the skin, keratin makes the outer layer of it. It also helps wounds heal faster. 

keratin helps with skin health

3. Helps in liver function

Keratin helps with detoxification, carbohydrate metabolism, secretion of albumin and blood clotting capabilities of the liver. How it does all this is by helping hepatocytes deal with mechanical and nonmechanical stress. 

4. Helps during pregnancy

Various sources show that keratin also helps protect the placenta and embryo. It is found in the outer layer of the placenta and acts as a protective cushion against sudden impact and trauma to the abdominal/stomach area.  

Kanak Kundlani