6 benefits of biotin for overall health

Kanak Kundlani

We’ve all heard that the most important benefit of biotin is better skin and hair health. But did you know that’s not all? This B complex vitamin H is also essential to help our body convert food into energy. Although biotin is usually derived from the diet we eat, sometimes that’s not all. Good volume of biotin can help regulate a lot of daily bodily functions. This and many other benefits of biotin that we’ll cover right here.

1. Healthy skin

One of the main benefits of biotin is healthy skin. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity of the skin. As you grow old, your skin becomes more pale and saggy because of less natural biotin and collagen in your skin. Biotin is the vitamin responsible for energy production and formation of fatty acids in the body. These fatty acids nourish the skin, making it look young and supple.

benefits of collagen for skin health

2. Helps reduce blood sugar levels

For people who have diabetes, heightened blood sugar levels are a bane of their existence. Biotin as a vitamin helps reduce blood sugar levels, since it increases the production of insulin in the body. It also helps enhance glucose levels in the  body. Glucose invariably helps break down sugar into energy.

3. Helps regulate metabolism

Having a strong metabolism is a game-changer when it comes to overall health. Benefits of biotin include the vitamin improving the usage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body. This in turn, facilitates the process of energy conversion in the cells.

4. Helps improve hair and nails

A lot of people use biotin for its hair benefits. This is because of its protein synthesis feature. Biotin facilitates keratin production in the body that helps improve hair texture, thickness and overall volume. Same goes for nails since biotin also helps promote healthy cell growth and amino acids.

5. Helps promote brain function

Biotin also helps with brain function. Vitamin H is needed by the brain because it helps with the formation of myelin sheath. This protective layer that forms around nerves is usually made up of fatty fluids and protein. It allows electrical impulses to flow seamlessly throughout the brain. 

biotin benefits brain function

6. Helps improve immunity

Biotin also helps with the generation of white blood cells which are directly linked to our body’s immunity. If you happen to be deficient in biotin, it is often seen as a risk factor for various autoimmune diseases. 


It is obvious that biotin not only helps with skin, hair and nails, but a host of different bodily functions. Some of these functions are crucial for smooth everyday function of the body. This only tells us that we need to make sure that our body gets the required amount of biotin through the best way possible. Speaking of this, TrueBasics Biotin from Sunflower seed extract is a potent source of biotin obtained from sunflower seeds extract. Each serving provides a dosage of 10,000mcg of biotin. It also has Jatamansi, an Indian ayurvedic herb which is known to help delay hair aging and graying. 

TrueBasics Biotin with Sunflower seed extract
Kanak Kundlani