Has COVID Had an Impact on Men’s Testosterone levels?

Kanak Kundlani

A lot has changed over the past couple of years with regards to health issues that everyone is facing. Although nobody foresaw the lasting effects that an infectious disease could have had on our immunities, COVID has surely compelled us to get used to “the new normal”. 

Sadly, the new normal also includes finding ways to curb the innumerous health issues that COVID continues to cause/has caused to humans. Apart from the long COVID/post COVID conditions that include respiratory issues, brain fog, and fatigue (related to symptoms of the infection), there are some effects that have altered the usual body chemistry for years to come. One of those effects is plummeting testosterone levels in men. 

What is testosterone?

The primary male hormone, testosterone is responsible for producing fundamental characteristics, spermatogenesis, and fertility in men. It is what differentiates men from women in the pre-born stage.Testosterone also gets converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and induces the formation of the prostate and male external genitalia. With testosterone being responsible for developing primary & secondary male characteristics, it is especially tricky to ensure proper functioning of the male body when its levels decrease due to COVID. 

Did you know?

COVID-19 affects males twice as frequently as females with significantly increased severity and mortality.

*Source – National Center for Biotechnology Information

Impact of COVID on testosterone levels

A recent study suggests that there is a direct correlation between lower levels of testosterone and COVID in men. But how does it really happen? How does a highly contagious & infectious disease caused by a virus, reduce the levels of testosterone? The answer lies in the cells–the most structural and functional units of the body. 

SARS‐COV2 (the virus responsible to cause COVID) infection can occur in all cells with ACE2 receptors. Since ACE2 expresses itself in the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, and urinary systems, COVID‐19 can also cause disease in these systems. Furthermore, as we segregate total testosterone values from other male hormones in men who’ve tested positive for COVID, we find that testosterone values are significantly lower in patients with viral pneumonia–a major symptom of COVID. 

The current state of the pandemic has surely proved that things can get really unpredictable, really quick. Hence, relying on ways that keep in mind both scientific and natural approaches is important.

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If you’ve reached the end of this blog, you’re now familiar with the reason as to why testosterone levels decrease in men who have either had COVID before or are currently facing havoc caused by this infectious disease. On the other hand, you’re also familiar with the best way to minimize the damage. No matter what ways you choose to boost your testosterone levels, make sure they’re backed by science.   

Kanak Kundlani