Benefits of running everyday

Kanak Kundlani

It’s no news that exercising (of any form) is beneficial for our health, both mental and physical. If we get a little more specific than that, running is scientifically proven to add years to your life. Apart from this, improved immunity, better sleep quality, and improved bone health are just some of the many benefits of running everyday. Here’s a detailed view on them. 

Helps improve immunity

One of the best running benefits includes improved immunity. The scientific explanation behind this includes the duration and intensity of the effort. When you run, your immune cells perform better. This happens due to increased blood flow, which reduces stress and inflammation, thereby strengthening antibodies. With increased blood flow, white blood cells have more room to roam freely around the body and can actively cure infections/foreign bacteria. Reduced inflammation can help immune cells regenerate faster. Not only all this, but a daily 30-minute walk/run can also stimulate the immune system’s best fighter cells. 

running benefits

Better sleep quality

It’s no news that good sleep is crucial for good overall health. Especially when you do it for at least 30 minutes a day, that’s how much running is good for the heart. When you sleep for 7 to 9 hours every night, that’s when the body does all of its repair work. It is the only recovery technique that comes naturally to the body. Not only does regular running benefit the heart, but also other bodily functions. When it comes to running and sleeping, the direct correlation between the both of them is that the quality of one directly affects the continuity of the other. The more you run, the better you’ll sleep. And surprisingly, the less you sleep, the less likely are you to continue walking/running. This simply happens because your body lacks energy. 

running benefits sleeping

Improved bone health

Running is an impact sport, which means that it involves intense involvement of the weight-bearing joints like ankles, knees and hips.  Hence, one of the most crucial benefits of running everyday includes stronger bones. Various studies have proven that people who run often are less likely to develop arthritis than people who do not do any form of physical activity. Better bone health also includes lower back, which is likely to suffer as you age and do no physical activity. Regular running benefits the lower back, making it strong and reducing the risk of developing a slip disk in the future. 

Helps regulate blood pressure

The reason why running is good for the heart is because it helps regulate blood pressure. When you run, your heart beats faster resulting in high blood pressure. As soon as you stop running, your body automatically lowers the blood pressure, regulating it on its own. This is how we make our body used to regulating blood pressure on its own. When you run for at least 30 minutes a day, that’s how much running is good for the heart. 


While regular running benefits are many, it works miraculously when teamed up with a good diet. To take it up a notch, running, eating cautiously and including TrueBasics Advanced Multivitamin in your daily regimen is definitely a smart choice. It comes enriched with 23 different nutrients that help boost energy levels. It also enhances immunity and improves cognition. If you plan to run everyday, this supplement will help you keep at it.  

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Kanak Kundlani