Eco-harvesting: For a better tomorrow

Abhikriti Suyal

The breakneck speed at which our world is growing is remarkable indeed, owing it to technological advancements, mostly. While we are leisurely enjoying the perks, our environment has been bearing the brunt of technological developments. Unfortunately mother nature’s resources are being used in ways that are environmentally inefficient. These are also wasteful, and carry dangerous consequences like water pollution, decreased air quality, and global warming. Considering that our natural resources are continuously depleting, initiatives like eco-harvesting can help create a healthier and safer environment.

But the challenge is that it is not always possible to know where products come from and the conditions under which they are produced, especially when it is about health supplements. Well, we are taking this challenge on us, we literally are.

We, at TrueBasics, believe in protecting our consumers and the environment. 

In the booming nutra market, heart supplements are the most sought after, with omega and krill topping the numbers. 

Do you know what is the major source of Omega-3 fatty acids? It is the seas and oceans from where the fish and krill are sourced. Krill are small shrimp-like crustaceans. A worrying thought about consuming Omega-3 supplements is the high possibility of contamination with toxic metals like mercury and lead at the source of extraction.

It’s about time you meet our ultimate heart specialist: TrueBasics Heart Omega-3

Heart Omega-3 is formulated with Superba Antarctic Krill Oil. By choosing Superba Antarctic Krill Oil, we were able to ensure the sustainability of the krill fishery and the Antarctic ecosystem with minimal impact on other marine species. 

Heart Omega-3

A stamp of purity 

The krill used in TrueBasics Heart Omega-3, is sourced from the pristine and unpolluted waters of the Antarctic Ocean. Thus, ruling out the possibility of being contaminated with toxic metals. Moreover, the extraction of Krill oil is done using a patented Flexitech technology. It is a cold extraction technique that guarantees zero human touch between sea and shelf and zero artificial contamination. After this, it is further purified at the lab to bring you 100% pure Antarctic Krill. 

Antarctic ocean


The old fish catching techniques had major drawbacks. For example, along with krill, its predators like seabirds, penguins would get also entangled in the net. We totally oppose this, because we want our operations to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. This made way for a new fishing technology called Eco-Harvesting, which specifically avoids by-catch (the incidental capture of non-target species) and brings the krill fresh and alive on the ship.

In this method, the krill fishing net stays submerged the entire time and uses a uniquely designed system which gets krill through a nozzle (a barrier that no other marine creature but only krill can go through). As krill enters the fishing vessel, it is pumped alive with fresh sea water on the boat. This allows for processing fresh, raw materials with superior product quality while preventing enzymatic degradation and preserving all key nutrients in the end product.

Krill fish

100% Traceability

Each batch of TrueBasics Heart Omega-3 can be traced back to the origin of the krill. Scanning the QR code on the pack will direct you to the exact location of the ship that caught the krill. In when you purchase TrueBasics Heart Omega-3 Antarctic Krill Oil, you can be assured that each capsule is sourced exclusively from the pristine waters of Antarctica.

In today’s day and age, sustainability has become the most important topic. So, when you are picking up products for yourself, make sure they are intended not only for your health, but also the environment you and your kids will live in. 

Abhikriti Suyal