Pre heart attack symptoms in females, you can’t miss

Abhikriti Suyal

When we think of women’s health we primarily relate it to concerns like fertility, mensuration, balanced hormones. But the ambitious, self-driven women of today, understand that the spectrum of good health is not limited to just gynecological issues. There are various other aspects of your health that matter, especially your heart’s health. It could sound alarming that many heart conditions such as a heart attack or symptoms of heart blockage in females often go undetected. You know for a fact that your heart needs a regular supply of oxygen-rich blood to function properly. But if plaque, which consists of cholesterol, fat and other harmful substances, builds up in your arteries, this blood flow may cut off completely. Hence, specifically, educating yourself about pre heart attack symptoms females, could be a big step towards preventive care.    

Signs of heart attack in women

Undoubtedly, preventative care is the smartest way to stay healthy. By being aware of the pre heart attack symptoms female before they turn life-threatening, can help you stay healthier. 

  • Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in your chest
  • Pain or discomfort in any of the arms 
  • Pain in the back, jaw, stomach or neck
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Cold sweat 
  • Nausea 
  • Lightheadedness
  • Extreme fatigue

Being aware of the heart attack causes in women will also help you to minimize the risk. Smoking, high blood pressure, uncontrolled cholesterol, high sugar levels, obesity and chronic stress can multiply your risk of a heart attack.

Healthy lifestyle: A game changer for her heart health

As we go onto discuss preventive care, you must understand, knowing heart attack symptoms women are a part of it, what’s equally important is making healthy lifestyle changes.       

1) Sleep well

Getting less than six to seven hours sleep a night has a strong correlation with heart health. Poor sleep can spike up your blood pressure, can make weight loss difficult, increase your cholesterol, all of which are terrible for your heart. 

Sleep well

2) De-stress yourself

It’s not easy managing your home, kids and work life, but the wonder woman in you has been excelling at all her roles. So, it is natural for the daily stress to kick in. The reality is constant stress can impact your behavior and factors that can lead to heart disease in women, for example elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, overeating, inactivity.  

3) Burn those calories

One of the best things that you can do for your heart – maintaining healthy weight. Being overweight means that your heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Too much weight may put you at risk of coronary artery disease and eventually become the reason for heart attack in women.

Burning calories

4) Get a krill oil supplement

Krill are tiny, transparent crustaceans. Krill oil raises the Omega-3 index faster than any other oil, effectively helping you reduce harmful cholesterol and triglycerides. Here’s some good news for you, TrueBasics Heart Omega-3 consists of Superba Antarctic Krill Oil. Extracted from Antarctic krill that live in the pristine, unpolluted waters of Antarctica, this oil is free of environmental contaminants and toxins. Clinical studies have proven that Superba Antarctic Krill Oil improves heart health by – raising the Omega-3 index in the body, improving your cholesterol levels,  and is proven to reduce triglycerides by 33%.  

TrueBasics Heart Omega-3

Let alone understanding about your heart condition, ladies it’s essential to take control of it – you know the course of action now. Get started. 

Abhikriti Suyal