A Nutritionist’s Take on Why Women’s ‘Personal Wellness’ is Unique

Kanak Kundlani

In a world full of clickbait-y titles swarming your feeds and recent searches, we’re here to tell you the truth, backed by science! So when we say personal wellness is responsible for the overall health of an individual, we mean it.

Read on to know how our in-house experts answer the question above.

What is personal wellness?

First thing’s first, how do we define personal health? Addressing the giant elephant in the room through a scientific study, WHO defines personal wellness as a state of well-being in relation to the personal habits that encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects of an individual. However, our in-house nutrition expert Sumati Kalani, had a rather interesting take on the importance & impact of personal wellness on our health. “Hormones!” she said, and we were already convinced.

The science behind hormones

It’s no secret that hormones are the building blocks of a majority of bodily functions. According to the National Library of Medicine, hormones regulate the growth, development, metabolism and reproduction of an individual. In fact, the hormonal system is responsible for the organs to communicate with each other, to ensure that the internal environment is maintained. But what’s more important than hormones?

Happy hormones!

sexual wellness

Take care of your hormonal health

Modern times sure are a blessing in disguise. While in today’s day and age, you have the liberty to access all sorts of information with the click of a button, guess it’s safe to say that the stressors of our modern lives have also put our personal wellness at risk, which in turn, leads to our overall health and wellness being subject to an untimely demise. Work stress, lifestyle changes, day-to-day fatigue and pressure have led us to compromise on our hormonal health – which is pivotal to our daily well-being.

Good news! We’ve come up with a solution, and it’s natural in nature!

Sexual wellness

We found the SPARK!
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In conclusion: Personal wellness in women & men is important for their overall wellbeing. Hence finding a healthy and natural alternative is all the more crucial.

Kanak Kundlani